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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eminem - Gift Rapper Song lyrics


Eminem - Gift Rapper Song

(spoken) Man, this holiday season was crazy. I didn't know what to get nobody. I went all over the place, just lookin' for gifts. then i went to another place. then I had to go from that place to get back to the first place, cuz i got kinda lost. then i just got everybody what i always get 'em. Gift cards. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. then i ate too much 

Yo it's here, that time of year, when the world is sincere

Whisper yer list in Santa's ear as you pull on his beard
He says he'll make it so then he goes ho ho ho
But my whole family knows that I'm the one with the dough
So now I'm back at the mall so I can shop for them all
next year I swear I'm gonna have this all done by the fall

You gotta start early son cus if you fail to plan, you plan to fail you know what I'm sayin'?

I never knew my dad but if I had I woulda got him a tie 
no that's a lie
If could I woulda got him a suit of the rack or some whack khaki slacks
Or some tools for that fool so he could fix up his pool
I could get him cologne that's inexpensive and stinky
Or a zerconium ring that he could wear on his pinky
Or perhaps a weed whacker for his unkempt lawn
Man, talking bout these dad gifts is making me yawn lets move on

I don't know why shopping is so hard
What do you buy for a bodyguard

I guess Santa Claus never got my letter,
Cus all I got was a reindeer sweater.

Huh Huh. Dads always be getting the short end a the stick you know what I'm saying.

I got dozens a cousins and friendemies on my list, theres always someone I miss
I'm always Rapping bout gifts I guess that why they call it gift rappin'

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