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Monday, February 21, 2011

Los - Look At Me Now (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Los - Look At Me Now (Freestyle)

umm haha ey yo hecta i’m just gunna play with this one
you feel me no homo (legooo)
haha its to easy n-gga

i got a phone call from the moon like lets be honest out this bitch
boy i been shining my whole life but you just blinding out this bitch
then the sun got on the phone and got all modest out this bitch
like “look los i dont want no problems, you the hottest out this bitch”
superman sent me a txt like “you the flyest out this bitch”
i ordered hbo jus to catch all the wires out this bitch
got a letter that said quit from all the liars out this bitch
but then a email from the truth said f-ck them liars out this bitch
every bar i spit be way over your head about this bitch
spiderman said “boy you all over the web about this bitch”
put blue ribbons round your casket ’bout my bread about this bitch
i think my penpal is my pencil i got led up out this bitch
take your bitch up out this bitch then put her bitch on top ur bitch
then give ur bitch back cuz u bitch and plus my bitch could top your bitch
yea i reps that baltimore and i’m so proud i’m out this bitch
i think i’m better than you square cuz i’m a problem out this bitch

(look at me now)
hey it aint over baby look i’m goin’ back in, um okay

last night lola kissed me told me i’m the greatest
she said f-ck em baby f-ck ‘em, jus’ go kobe on them haters
so i went 24′s on the drop chevy
yellow paint purple guts n-ggas not ready
i kill every hater i spot in the room
then go fill every crater they got on the moon
cuz i feel i’m the greatest they gotta assume
that i’m bout to go, carmelo, d-wade, kobe, mike
man i’m like the old mike when i go to flight
and i’m like mike jack wit a show tonight
in other words this is it you’ve been notified
listen to this put your list in this order like
los los los los los los los
cuz i spit like a n-gga wit a lisp and an overbite
f-ck you think i murder sumthin’
bitch i’m from the murder home
where they keep a eagle in a shotgun
like mike vick on 3rd and long
man i think they heard it wrong
all that bullsh-t turn me on
man f-ck that dj turn it up
like a n-gga from the a-town burn it up
oh p-ssay f-ck ass lame ass n-gga
mad he can’t f-ck my dame ass n-gga
where dey do that no dame ass n-gga
deep down really mad cuz he aint that n-gga
gotta a lil fame i chain that n-gga
send the kkk to come hang that n-gga
now its 3 n-ggas in your hood with hoods
cuz the crown ain’t safe in the hood whats good

Monday, February 14, 2011

Los - Moment For Life Freestyle Lyrics

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Los - Moment For Life Freestyle

i go super hard,
nothing less than devoted,
i put knowledge in every bar,
take a second and note it,
i know that things aint what they seem,
it’s like blessings is coded,
i knew this would be my moment for life the second i wrote it,
and yea i struggled every day, i got used to the hope,
playing tug-of-war with the world, i was losing my rope,
but contrary to what haters would usually hope,
when you talk about me now, tell them i used to be broke,
bad for your health with a raw flow,
n-ggas can’t mention rap in my presence,
unless you’re and elf in the north pole,
you don’t get that, you so unprepared,
snap back flow, adjust to me being over your head,
damn! i’ve been stronger and faster than them,
put my life behind bars, that’s how i mastered the pen
ten, nine eight, seven six five four three, two one,
motherf-cker it’s my time,
i could write it in the script and sell it,
this kind of story many n-ggas don’t live to tell it,
i put my life in this sentence, like a convicted felon,
victory is mine, climb a mountain raise my fists and yell it,
i wish that i could have this moment a bit longer,
in the midst of the moment, the moment gonn’ get stronger,
but shit hunger, make friends switch to opponents
then take the tone of a bitch on ya,
keep your chrome on your hip,
when you boning them chicks, homie,
they be blowing your cut, man these hoes is a bit phony,
i move out like o’s in the drought,
the day i trick on a bitch you see snow in the south,
way back when i had the goals in my mouth,
n-gga i was pimping like jerome in the house,
thinking back to my martin years,
now the aston martin doors open like martin’s ears,
white top black shoes on the drop,
martin got it looking like a skin head and some doc martens,
it all started with a dream like doc martin, luther king,
do your thing n-gga stop talking,
back when they dropped the dirt on my pops coffin,
left a hard spot on my heart that will not soften,
i’m lost in this beautiful thing,
so even in my nightmares i’m still pursuing my dreams,
got the shooter on the roof, clear view to king,
they tell me bring the crown back and make the funeral clean,
it’s no chance for the bow, i romance with the war,
and these n-ggas too clean to slow dance with the poor,
ten seconds on the clock, i take a glance at the score,
we down by two so i advance with the ball,
too fast for your forward no need to rewind,
i shake him out his two shoes, i got this three on my mind,
four seconds left, and it’s like five n-ggas pressing me,
i need six rings like jordan in my legacy,
seven n-ggas on the bench watching me in slow mo,
i ate (8) the press up too easy, no homo,
straight down the middle to the top of the line,
and pulled that motherfucker back like i was cocking a nine,
and let it fly they thinking ‘los did it again’,
damn ya’ll n-ggas need heart, i’m the wizard you tin (10) man,
it take ten men to get the heart of this one man,
cuz no ten men would go as hard as this one man,
damn, who would’ve thought that i was this thorough,
put a ribbon on the moon i get five of this world, n-gga!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Los - Romans Revenge (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Los - Romans Revenge (Freestyle)

Oh My God stand back you can not be serious
A box of tampax couldnt stop me period
I be killin every track so the slaying never stops
I just bang bang bang like the Wayans brothers pops
Will I take a brothers spot?
Don’t cops hate
n-ggas dont paper cover rock?
dont rock break scissors?
dont I say the sickest shit?
make a crictic shit
in his britches
make british bitch
send me titty fit
go shorty its your birthday
gave her 50 cent
no bucks no bank yup shits ridiculous
haters finna get back
3 feet’ll get that 3 feet pushed back
3 feet I meet the track
like track meet actor
least break the record
so who ever made it after
me’s takin second
take a second recognize the motherf-ckin level I am on
2nd place is only good when you buying homes
so wathcu buyin homes, Impalas on polished chrome
YES! cuz a n-gga got necks like collar bones
(uh uh) I be crushin them faggots
and my bars O.D but im a functionin’ addict
catch a n-gga in my lane and im a dust em in traffic
I’m a dead beat dad I dont f-ck with you bastards
I got one .22, two loaded clips
three .45′s, 6 shots and a couple of caskets
then I snatch that flashback backtrack
black hat backpack black ac blap blap blap blap
wack rap cats, the nat nats from cats that black lac’ all black snap back my cash stack
I’m past that the point of no return
if a n-gga snitchin on me then that pointer dont return
I knock his mask off that n-gga stealin from me
and I chop his hands off thans his pointer dont return
burn from the fire of my litter richer
study this it might make you a little richer
great balls of fire no little richard
I’m cut too big for your little brithces
my truck to big for your little bridges
my nuts too big for you little bitches
to suck on so get the f-ck on or f-ck off
your heart disappear when its war time no love loss
wuddup dog mention me I get gung-ho
getcha haters up like me and Miss Munroe
one more time for my n-ggas in the jungle
your an ant I could make a lion say uncle
fester invest in the vest I’m the bester
blessed her mic like mike like Drexler
I love ropes and rings I might like wrestlers
I’m restless I jump on the mic quite reckless
etch-a-sketch watch with the light bright neckless
all yellow avirex bright white lexus
knock your block off not quite like tetris
throw my bone out to your wife like fetch this
question whatever the question is I’m the answer
but put this on repeat I dont miss a beat im a dancer
answer me this how many you n-ggas jus cant believe this I smash this jesus

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Los - Dark Twisted Fantasy (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Los - Dark Twisted Fantasy (Freestyle)

can we get much higher…………
but of course we can baby hahaha
ughh its Los .. again

okay I take my middle finger flick it to the wicked media
critics on my dick clickin a n-ggas wikipedia
flow more intricate than the period of pyramids
wack rappers lack what the pythagorean theorem is
my mathematics will trip you have your shoes tangled
I think its funny you come at me from acute angle
I coulda grabbed all my weapons and took a T.I
but I aint gotta see you to kill you book of Eli
nikka we fly the first time ya hook a glance
I hit it from the back and did the skully low brooklyn dance
the Rico from Paid in Full while everybody look and dance
f-ck them the kitchen did the lil b cookin dance
I took a chance with Puffy and lost 6 years
but how he gon fix my problems he cant fix his
this year I aint prepared to take my next L
last year I got X but this year I excel
ah-hem, please pardon my pun
each part of my jargons, like jog yo he startin to run
he talkin to pun, me, you see me sparkin my gun
I go retarded with these bars ima talk in my pun
this chick came back to me, bought me a daiquiri sat beside me said hi I'm daphnie,
actually you attracted me after I heard you rappin theres something jus happened magically
automatically grabbin me sorta drastic dramatically
staggering off the jet but accurately adapting
to dudes in black the hats in the jackets was thinking jackin me
but im packin ratchets for static that happens gradually
told that bitch imagine me casually fallin casualty
grab the gat and blasted the castle that hats and back of me
killed the bitch at the bar then sat back jus and had my daiquiri
I think these rappers be scared to step an inch in my sector
cuz i school that ass like a Princeton professor
you approach your bars with hesitation
I appraoch mine with a Harvard's education
yea i dropped outta college and coulda went to jail
but i dont like regular people I shoulda went to Yale
I'm jus venting hell, think I need a book deal
can we get much higher? I feel how the hook feel
and im rollin in that Rolls Royce bumpin Seal
you know the one with the white bitch on the ugly grill
I aint talkin bout Seal I'm talkin bout the car
had to clarify that cuz n-ggas be talkin bout my bars
your times up dawg im cleaning out the cell
I jump on songs and snap like I'm singing acapella

can we get much higher…………

so this it for your career
the way im bout to start this bidding war
you gon think im sellin missile to Korea
its official get it clear
this tre that im packin
aint singing you a song when it hit you in the ear
so warn your whole village im comin to kill every king
right now the score is dem nothing me everything
I feel like they gave me nothing and them everything
so I aint jus rappin and bluffin I mean everything
I'm bout to have yall n-ggas mad at me
I wrote this blindfolded DARK TWISTED FANTASY

can we get much higher
can we get much higher
can we get much higher

Friday, December 17, 2010

Los – Fall For Your Type Lyrics

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Los – Fall For Your Type


baby girl whats this about
invite me in and kick me out
theres better ways to deal with this
does it offend you that im real as shit
aint another dude as tough you feel me
i mean who love you like i love you really
whats up with this distancing
i dont feel significant
hold up wait girl hol jus a min
i need this moment jus to vent
incidents i cant control
came up out i had to go
you knew i was coming back
you wanted that i had to grow
said you could get past my past
so what we movin backwards for
who knew it would take this long
you never mentioned that before
how could you diss me this me
kiss me dismiss me jus leave
bitch we history mystery
haunts me how you smile dont miss me
want me need me call me beep me
heal me hear me touch me see me feel me
see she guilty look away
crooked love cant look my way
took a day to write you this
for night you miss in light of this
cuz i made it despite of this
lets make a night of this
fire lit glass of wine relax your mind we passin time
ashes from the passions of our passes fly
and its fine
damn its time to accept it i never hear your voice again
its so hard to say goodbye but thats what turns boys to men
the choices is here
life never seemed fair
but they bring light to the things never seen there
so atleast for the time that it took
when you climb and you look
you dun made it to the clean air
breath air enjoy it cuz sum seek joy jus to destroy it
distorted visions dont playback the way they were recorded
why cant sometimes life be edited minus all the bullshit
get a full grip fast forward through the open road
when life push your buttons you dont seem to have remote control
i hope that your soul is safe
i hope all your goals in place
i hope that it goes the way and everything jus goes ur way
i hope when foes appose you they getstuck with the frozen face
i hope i can motivate somebody to grow today
i hope that you go hard and even though things dont go your way
hold up wait

even though you broke my heart
im still wishing you the best
im jus gunna play my part
if someones willin to invest
this has been my blood
this has been my tears
this is been a pain i felt inside my heart for years
i been workin so hard i know they gotta feel the bars
this ain bout no girl this bout the deal i lost

yeaaa,,,eh yo check this out
i like to dedicate this song to….
all my failures in life
everything that i ever endured that just made me stronger…
it made me realize that,
its not the end, its not where it stops,
anybody could do it…LETS GO!!!