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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travis Porter - Dem Girls Lyrics


Travis Porter - Dem Girls

Do, do it with no hands,
Do it how you do it…
We’re about to lose it!
…to show improve it!
Ok, how did you managed back your…
Keep your balance haven’t seen around the athletes,
Let me add you in my e-mail address.
You got my mind in a better cush, got it in an attic,
It’s just …ass so big that shit is…
You don’t stop with them shots, gimmie,
Surround back at night, hear me!
We’re talking, I’m all fit, I’m all fit…to me!
Oh, show them your skirt!
I play this play, this play is good,
You play this when these girls are…

Ladies … dem girl (x4)
…do it, baby, do it
Bow why they’re screaming in the door,
Do it, do it, do it, baby stciky!
Girls wanna have fun,
Do it, do it, do it baby sticky!
So I might give her what she want!
Do it, do it, do it baby sticky, baby!

Do it, do it, do it baby sticky!
I told her that I want her, she told me come and get it!
Her …saying no, but I know she’s really witty,
Now she’s shaking hands, so I wrote that girl a ticket!
Big old booty got a brain…
She won’t know how to…
Cause she hit that…, she work that…, cause she’s going back!
So ladies for them ladies fight,
But they go crazy, it’s just ….and Shady.
Shady I mean Travis, Travis, Travis.


I’m gonna pop their pussy, baby!
Pop, their pussy baby!
Pup their pussy baby, hit the cushion they go crazy!
Dance like you dance when you’re on the mirror,
Looking at yourself… I’m feeling you!

Shake her loose…
We might gonna get it!

I’m… I got bitches cross the station different area codes.
I’m international …I got bitches overseas, all over the world!
Ah! This is for them girls…
This is for them girls all across the world!


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