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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tiffyiffyiffy - Mirror lyrics


Tiffyiffyiffy - Mirror

In every moment to try and please you
I've lost who I am, Don't know who I am
In every effort I try to appease you
I'm not the same, Don't even know my name

And the point I'm trying to make is
I can't seem to see myself if I'm crying in the mirror
And the point is
Can't you see that I'm trying?
How can I make it clearer to you?
Nothing can erase all the hurt you put me through

I'm moving on, I'm walking away
For everything that you've done wrong
There's nothing at all that can make me stay
So carry on, Be on your way
And I won't look back to yesterday
Now there's one thing left to say

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