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Monday, February 21, 2011

Papoose - Welcome To Da Hood Lyrics


Papoose - Welcome To Da Hood

baby in the back of manhattan they see..
baby dressing casual, i give them casualty
my faculty actually stack on me get the salary,
.. i’m the .. of your majesty….
nigga sleeping hit em in front of the the tricky every .. is .. next to …so serious galleries
i give … my .. is blast for me, …. give ..your bobby …
..with family… you see women in back of me, we like micky and ..
… in my jeans, ring a thing and see a .. cut your hair,
clean your bee, blow your brain .. dreams ..your favorite movie like that scene
..and between your …
you disappear when i .. the queen and the … have the i can bling a ring
..give the critics hell..made in a sale
timmy … is a i make the women .. chippendale
got a ..feeling that you can ..feeling like ..
never give the trail… hit em …in the cabage
every ..walk em to sleep .. click …yeah you
is a brooklyn …you’ll be …
i come to damage … panic
man i give you another sandwich, go …outstanding
never strike without plannin’.

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