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Monday, February 14, 2011

The ILLZ - To Know Your Place in The Universe Lyrics


The ILLZ - To Know Your Place in The Universe

as we float through time
i'm just trying to saw way up into the heavens
no time to rest when you're trying to be a legend
i'm standing by my guns like charles hest
and made the justice once i feel best
got big visions and big dreams on a life mission to get green
go from the bottom of the pit into the big screen
i never let another person into the …
i want it all and there is nothing in between them
right now, man i don't need to think about it
this lifestyle was harder ever live without it
it's my crown as long as this life brown
i'm surfing these white clouds for something to write down
i'm starting to realize the legacy i leave behind
you're a clown while i'm motivated, redefined
everything these artists do i tell them give me time
i want you shine like you're in the scheme to redesign
these rappers and myself, we were never alike
up all night, feel the rush while i prepare to this fight
i said they wonder what's my purpose in life, and get my purpose to right
to know your place in the universe

as we float through time, there's energy.

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