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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Donnis - Blackberry Molasses Lyrics


Donnis - Blackberry Molasses

blackberry molasses
one things that will never change

the education that they give us seem to be minimal
and when they say it they mean it
it’s all cool to mean it
what the fuck are they teaching
as i am sitting here dreaming by the ..
light skin long hair all the right features
there goes my nigger e-beeper
interrupt my dream interrupt the class
teacher confiscate it damn that’s my nigger ass
and not because of school
it’s because it’s rent two by two
and his mam got laid off
and he’s trying to pull it through
for the fan, do my teacher understand
no cause she ain’t never had it like that
she ain’t never been young and black
without stack forced to cut crack dope
man sit around and look at me with the whole ..


blackberry molasses
one things that will never change
you gotta keep pushing on over the sun
it’s gonna be some hard they can pay/headache and pain

now you know me wanna be a rap star
25 wanna run away far into the unknown
starting not to give a fuck over the microphone
i spend my nights alone praying saying
if i can get one hit .. from satan
till then i’ll be smoking and drinking
porno watching .. the discount shop
.. trying to make history have a story to tell
my future daughter and son who had just a gun to be …
i am trying to think how to get on my mama house
mtv watching me from my mama couch
filling like time is running out
i feel like is time the run our


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