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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bob Pressner - Honor Among Thieves Lyrics


Bob Pressner - Honor Among Thieves

.. never ever last that long
.. you can give the kisses but the rest is for me
Yeah the rest is for me
I have seen your face before
And you know I said I like it
Girl .. she can make a ride or she can come my way
..I can be the one and we can take all day
All day
And she is got time time time on her side


Too hard to argue you are you re ..
All I know is this i how …
Too hard to …
All I know is ..
With aces among sleeves
It is honor among thieves

Slipping slapping …taking a ..
The season of one two four ..
Someone is knocking on my door
I am not here
I am not here
..she told everyone she was eager for one more
I believe I am free


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