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Monday, February 14, 2011

Barrington Levy - Gangsters Lyrics


Barrington Levy - Gangsters (Ft. Vybz Kartel & Khago)

[Intro: Vybz kartel]
Gangster!(mhmm) dark shades, low fade, hair braid
Beware de gaza crusade!,
when me roll out (orh)
inna di place(wha!), everybody scared
them can point we out ah no i.d parade!

Informer.. point me out if u can nuh

[Chorus: Barrington Levy]
You see a mans face(awoah) but you cant read his heart,
yes yes yes..You see my face(awoah) but you cant read my heart.

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel]

cause imma gangster, imma g-gangster,Mess with Levy and i’ll leave you round the darkest Corner(x2)

Roll out like Chinese army, Afghanistan pakistani
full suit a di camouflage
7.6 to nakispami
Barrington levy call me
Kartel misa war-i war-i
Concrete jungle,(orh) safari
Anything ah anything!
tell di judge, tell di jury
my lawyer ah tom tavares
Dont try violate da baddest man on the planet
anyboy start this!
bullseye moving target!
bullseye p-pimpin call it
Move the son from outa the orbit!Nyam dem food! badman market!

we doh fraid ah nobodyy!
pon da main pon da lane pon the pathway..
Try violate the boss yehh
you know seh dat ah unno last day (orh!)


[Verse 2: Khago]
Humble as a lamb like a lion im deadly

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