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Monday, January 17, 2011

Young Chris - Devil In A New Dress (Freestyle) Lyrics


Young Chris - Devil In A New Dress (Freestyle)

A memory attached, rest in peace Artie
Rest in peace till you faggots that ain’t standing behind me
Banana clips for you monkey niggers that try to bomb me
They got a problem, bring Rico, he came to find me
We don’t fuck with tummies, only the ones for the hommies
Got the whole hood on sour … good to sunny, now it’s hard to find me
And Porto Rico with some mammies hitting bags, reminiscence the L.A. and the Bonnie,
Take it back they gave my nigger life without paroling it in and stake
I can’t spend night without the whose here …
Fuckers who the fuck are we discussing?
Beat them till they plus you pussy tell us repercussions
Hallows to the verses, …to fleshes
Like shorter than websters , hot hair I wet you
…fuckers had a line making chatter
While yo was out fucking with double ups messing … latest Hefner
Purple label keep me fresher way better texture
Bitch out of line, you better check them, boy don’t let me catch you
She been around is still shit, cause you ain’t gotta question no guess who’s keeping your girl tick
Earl …, oj rode around the world with medium circles fuck all you bitches on the girl shit
It’s while niggers look mad and my pock back
Niggers better keep up with that black …
Rest in peace to the young niggers who got attacked
Shouts to all the mammas who’s lost cause we ain’t got time
In fact, get off that … jay beef mobile vans out nigger, this operation’s safe street
Flawless stones up in the sentence division rapping
Biggest weapons, smallest pistol 357’s and a …to heaven
Raise hell all you bitches Nobel,
Fuck it, we go to jail, pay a visit, this is how we live it
Bought a close, we bought a cold, leave them by this cold
No discrimination, body knows, everybody knows
We play that big body whose, black trucks when we lift the mess up
Adios, can’t deny the flows
We’ve been a … with this rhyming,
I knew this shit I had him, but this rapping shit is timing
I’m on my philly break up the chart you see me climbing
That boy division whamping nigger still to up the timing
I shot the check, cool, warrup whose?
Blink, Rico, division one nigger
Yeah, … Boner, warrup nigger?
Hollywood I see, … talking shit nigger, talking shit boy.

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