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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rick Ross - 10 Bricks Lyrics


Rick Ross - 10 Bricks

Look into my ..
It’s 200 thousand dead nigger
Come and fuck me now
Suck me down
Blow my sucks
Push that ..
I’m gonna drop that top
And all the nigger
That bitches never had money
… extra more money
Get your first .. come with a test
Watch for the feds.. and IRS
… clap all you niggers…
Up in the condo
And my European bitches always screaming my money
… I find it funny
I count cash you don’t know me nigger
The only nigger

10 bricks to the fish (repeats)

I’m richer than the richest sunshine how we get it
.. every time we come and spend it
.. you know the game..
See my son did time
.. when we eat money all the time
Fire flames .. daytime

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