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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Princess Anisa (2011 Chutney) - When She Horn You Lyrics


Princess Anisa (2011 Chutney) - When She Horn You

I wont shed a tear when you horn me then go away
Cuz you’ll try to come back when she horn you de same way
You sleep in whatever bed you make, so baby, make no mistake

When I come home early and find you wit she
My heart start poundin, I couldn’t even breathe
When I throw yuh clothes, boy, out on de road
You know you cant come back in dis house anymore.

You say she is bettah in de bedroom
And how many tings that dis girl can do
Boy ah say you aint get no common sense
You eva’ think twice how she get all dat experience??

Now she tek yuh money and gone with yuh friend
Now you realize all she did was pretend
When you had a good woman right here at home
You throw it all away, now you spending yuh nights alone.

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