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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Novi Novak - I Said Go Lyrics


Novi Novak - I Said Go

*Verse 1*

Hows it feel tuh be famous?
shit… i dont know
like 1000’s of texts sayin you gonna blow?
How it change, from me bein’ broke
Tuh me havin hope, comin off that slope

from feelin like shit, tuh bein the shit
n the people who told me I’d never BE SHIT
are still workin the same job that I got to quit

But I never changed up man nothin come free
million people talk maybe 2 know me
n even though I’m outta jail man i still aint free
i got the P.O. court fees and eyes on me

I said Oh,
Wish I could change it all back
before i lost a good friend to two colors that matched
just in the wrong neighborhood tryin tuh make some dough
but if Javon was still here he’d prolly tell me
he want me tuh GO


*Verse 2*

You can feel every word i’ve spoken
Cuz every word been said with emotion
used tuh be locked out but since I broke in
every door to success just looks wide open
on track crazy like, call it loco-motion
think im gon stop, let me get what you smokin
get high, say my name, wanna fold my paper till I make a PLANE

N If i’ve learned anything people talk-to-much
if they with they crew they gon hawk-a-bunch
but when they by themself its like they lost they guts
before they was the shit, now they flushed

they like Nove, man, how do ya feel
i say real for real man i just hope I appeal
cuz none of them feel real unless they carry the steal
but im already real imagine me concealed as I go


*Verse 3*

see the friends come fast when the money do too
n the friends leave fast when the money all blew
its true, if you can judge him he can judge you
even though you prolly dont know what he ever been through

I been through this, you been through this
MY influence, IS TO influence…
haven’t we been through this?
well fuck lets do this, If I cant be the best

gotta buncha dimes like to give they 2 cents
actin’ they shit smell like some new scents
She always act prude, I know she in the mood
its a habitual habit havin bitches thats rude man

my flow go, n everybody wit me
if i was an organ donor my heart could save your city
n thats just the body I aint nothin but soul
so God says it’s my time man I’m ready, ready tuh GO


OUTRO: Bring it in
Lets go lets go lets go like ya never had tuh go before
I got that move I got that sound
I got that groove lets go right now
And again
Let’s go lets go lets go like ya never had tuh go before,
i got that groove, got that sound,
got that move lets go right now

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