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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mistah F.A.B. - Quest Lyrics


Mistah F.A.B. - Quest

Never quit never ever will I settle up
Half of my ground call mashed on a … bro
Couldn’t take a no so I wait hard until I heard yes
That thing closed for days .. dirty just to be fresh
Can’t be afraid in this .. yo
Take it from me cause I got a story to tell yo
Penitentiary chances I’m glad I am not on a jail yo
I could sell rap is I could sell whore
Nothing come overnight it take a long turn
Long journey long quest with a long …
Do a miracle just like the ….
Success is a long line
Got a way just move with the crowd
Cause once you are in the club make you feel proud
Be strong be brave
But most of all don’t be afraid


If you are not good enough to do something else
Why do anything if you can be yourself
Got to lose in time if you wanna win
Better get on your ground get get it in

How you’re gonna win if you still be afraid to lose
Everyone lost is called paying duce
I was making a move just trying to make it through
It was hot in the streets I was playing cool
I met theories of …
That’s why you got to be heartless with no feeling
Time.. called chilling
And I was rapping before no ..
I’m not a lame it just happened .. the game
Heard some .. tune and wanted to be …
I try to sing like Dre
Man I did my own thing but man is a shame
That this new .. to be different
Either I am lost or I just don’t get it
Life is real simple
Break it down to de …
.. why living?


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