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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lyriad - Encore NUMBe Lyrics


Lyriad - Encore NUMBe

The most impressive rapper you gonna find for miles,
You might need to bow, its most definite,
No less it is, OS, we live in your presence when our flow exits,
The other side of the mic, go catch it!,
I tell you do that shit, do it, no questions,
So restless im at it for days, having my ways with beats but still, no stresses,
In addition to all of my inhibitions , the inner-spitting; sentence it when its written,
In my head, my pen, my lead, im in for red that means blood..
And my eyes are infrared, so I see through all you criticizing critics,
When I make it, yall gon' be like, "how HE get inside the business",
I can spit in time to rip it at the finishline, get it,
I got plenty mind power when I spit a rhyme, LISTEN,
Can I get a encore, I see yall want more, so lets fly with the OS guys, so for one last time, I need yall to roar, uh, uh, uh ,uh, Now what the hell are you wating
for, after us, there will be no more so for one last time please make some noise, now what the the hell ore u waiting for? OS!
Who yall know doper than us?, rappers we open em up,
Take they hearts out, soak em in blood,
Im outspoken or what?, cause I speak my mind,
Leak my rhymes, im the truth,
And if you seek you'll find it,
Death before dishonor, character before persona,
Respect my moral conduct unless you're pure vagina (pussy),
Rigorousness with a kick and a twist,
Im spitting it just hoping u getting the gist,
I pay attention, so know just who can shoot next,
But don't give a fuck cause god is my bulletproof vest,
Take a stab at ya lifestyle, when I brag what I write down,
Bastards should pipe down, if they lacking the right sound,
Im packing the right style, so im grasping a hype crowd,
And for critics and haters, just pass em a bright smile,
Lyriad the fucking boss, you tryna play with a capo,
Nigga its kill or be killed and I made it my motto,
Work hard chase the dream and the paper will follow,
So the only thing im worried bout today, is tomorrow,

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