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Monday, January 17, 2011

Krazie K - Don't Give Up Lyrics


Krazie K - Don't Give Up

okay lemme give a lesson to you first
never ever give up no matter how much it hurts
without the work, you could never get desserts
life aint easy roll up dem sleeves and hit the dirt
cuz everybody likes to keep their hands clean
but you could be the one, you dont need a team
depend on yourself, thats right say it with me "myself"
use your brain to get that one thing on the highshelf
cuz whats the point of life if you always gettin help
just do it yourself so you know how it felt
lifes a gamble so you gotta make the best bet
stick with something move forward dont regret
take a deep breath if you feelin a lil stressed
aint nobody pushing you take it step by step
cuz when u on a roll, you're set mic checked
aint stoppin no tolls, bout to have your best yet

your life, its a special one
so dont give up and leave it undone
you gotta live up
you got your pride
let it shine ,dont ever let it hide

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