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Sunday, January 2, 2011

HorribleFiction feat. Hank Green - The Nerdfighter Song Lyrics


HorribleFiction feat. Hank Green - The Nerdfighter Song

so the fact that i am nerdy, is obviously true
If you wanna get to my heart you gotta be nerdy too
You should follow the vlogbrothers on their youtube channel
and it would be nice if your forte was piano
but if you're a savant in playing video games
That's just fine, nintendo is my middle name
Maybe we can just go party on blog tv
And i'll tweet it out so you can come with me
If being a nerd is what you wanna do
Here's what I think hank green would sing to you
If you're a nerd jump up and down, put somethin on your head and run around
Do your happy dance and act the fool and show the world why youtube rules
Become a nerdfighter and join our crew, it's french the llama not for the lose
We're all made of awesome, DFTBA, and we fight against world suck every day
I wanna know a thing or two about what you like to do
Perhaps you like reading? Or maybe watching Dr. Who
No need to go far to find nerdy a situation
Just come visit us at our nerdy nation
Here we have pets that are puppy sized elephants
and we dance around just for the hell of it
We like learning things, like famous last words
So how bout you just come hang out where all of us are nerds
There comes a time when, everybody's wonderin
Where we should go, when the skies are thunderin
Here is an island that is safe for all
We like to call it Nerdfighteria
I think it's time to go and spread the love of nerdiness
Yeah we could use the power of awkward quirkiness
We could perhaps discuss some fun facts in history
Or your brother's books, or Maureen's twitter feed
How about we ride around and sing Wizard rock
And then we can argue who is better kirk or spock
Though puff levels may be high, it'll be alright
Cuz at vidcon we will go and party all night
We fight against world suck every day
We fight against world suck every day

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