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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Diddy ft. Eminem - Hello Good Morning Remix Lyrics


Diddy ft. Eminem - Hello Good Morning Remix

Ems verse

Hello and good morning
Baby I didn't mean to turn it bad
I know you're feelin' angry just a tad
'Cause I took you through the drive-through and made you pay the tab
Girl I'm so cheap, I can turn your Happy Meal sad, you're loco
Don't go mistakin' me for a Mogul I'm more like Fogle
McLovin' McDonald's McMuffin
Breakfast burrito's, Frito's, Cheeto's, Dorito's, Tostito's
That'll be the only thing I feed hoe's
So baby anything on the dollar menu, I'll treat you
My backhand is lethal, so I keep you at arm's length so I can always reach you
Get a knee to the gut, that's the only way I'll say "I kneed you"
Lady I'm just tryin' to get a rim job out the deal
And I ain't talkin' to your bonnie's (?) on my wheels
So let me see you mommies get your tail feathers kickin'
I'm here to cock-block like a square male chicken

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