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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Armor For The Broken (AFTB) - Gold Rush Lyrics


Armor For The Broken (AFTB) - Gold Rush

Clenched fists, I've given all I have to give. Is it
enough, It never was enough. I need to breathe and just
keep watching. Don't speak, I can't stand to hear
it, No not anymore. I need to breath and just keep
watching. I tried to save us, you lied on the ground. You
live in fear, a lack of love. The ice is wearing thin, and
the tensions are about to heat. I've felt this way for
far too long, but you refuse to bend. You shook the ground
we laid in, and ripped the roots out of my grasp. I watched
it all fall away. You refuse to bend, the ice is wearing

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