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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zion I - Always Lyrics


Zion I - Always

Sitting in the oven is hot
And people bugging
The world is separating
I’m thinking with my cousin
Just like quick .. so sick…
Highlander you won’t miss a thing
Just sent from a long lineage …
Looking flappy
But they will be fighting
.. game with my pair ..
Swing my .. bag your pa’
Come sit on my .. shit
The ancestors always told me to act nom
I came to got back get better
The body is here now but the spirit lasts forever
.. time will say
In any moment it could be judgment day
Get down seems like ..
Love comes always
Got to keep your head up (repeats)

The clock .. so push the button
.. my life is to …
Kids get flight
Decide your own life
I see .. for a change
We’re on ice
This is on
I’m gonna get my roll
.. get your groove on
Move like …
Put up your hands in the air like …
So blessed .. of vibration
.. success is a part to get back
Be up stay in tune …
And get back to people like me
Most .. got a pussy
.. love comes always
Got to keep your head up

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