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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yelawolf - Swagger Killer Lyrics


Yelawolf - Swagger Killer Feat Mz. Shanti

Her legs cross like a lady
Short skirt
In the gym behind the …
I had a glass of wine
Something chic that I picked from the waiter
Moved out through the crowed: pardon me excuse me player
I know she sees me coming there was eye contact
So like sex I was occupied by that bad move
Right hand glass of wine left hand ….
Excuse me homey step off my new shoes
My bad is cool shit I can brush them off
Cause I get my hands full
I guess I have to play it off
Try to step over the velvet road but I missed
And I tripped spilt the red wine on a white dress
Sorry miss Oh my God .. wine on me
So sorry
Swagger killer
Let me get you a towel ….
Swagger killer
Yeah that will be a good idea
Swagger killer
… trying to …
Swagger killer
Oh God you got anything else you can put on
No I don’t have it ..
Pop into the car I don’t know
Here come on
I told her I was sorry ten times over
I took off my jacket she put it on her shoulder
What a mess I’ve made she said: why am I mother fucking …
It’s not that bad babe kind of looks like a …
She cracked a smile
I knew you were trouble when you saw me
I was looking at you from before even when you knew I was standing by the bar
So who you are? You mean who are you?
I am from Berlin
All I want was to get a drink and take your number maybe later on
You and I we can drive around
Let me take you home to get changed how is that sound?
She said seeing you …absolutely …
Took her to the Chevy, nice car!
Opened up her door, what a gentleman
What’s up baby? … close the door
.. navigation somewhere to College park
So I hit the gas station
I cruised up to the …feeling confident
Thinking I’m gonna do it … Mercedes
He roll down the window … this chick, she said
Let’s go … who is this bitch
Holt up! Bitch? Who do you call bitch?
I have just meat this bitch at the bar alright
What’s wrong with you bitch
Why do you ride with this mother fucker here?
OMG I have just meat him
Look I am very sorry about that
Swagger killer

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