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Thursday, December 16, 2010

T.Shirt - Never LOL Lyrics


T.Shirt - Never LOL

uh, uh

real gangstas never lol
I don't chase nothing
me and my niggas smoke L on L
late-nights through Brooklyn
might smoke an L on the L
cops roll up like well, well, well
respect's given both ways
but cops got cold ways
longest they ever threw me in booking
was for four days
sleeping in a cold cell
fuck your peanut butter
said from now on
I'ma be a clean motherfucker
so, I don't do dirt
but I can give you mad referrals
2 remembers me from high-school
having mad girls
that sounds about right
Art & Design all day
shout out to the pretty black girl
that got away
ok my name is T.Shirt
I don't have a metaphor
everything cool that I can say
I've done said before
check my discography
beats can't hide from me
and I don't need rap, man
I could've did photography
I don't need rap, man
fuck it it's a mockery
it's probably harder to make it in rap
than hit the lottery
but I'll be God damned
if I let it slip by me
try and tell me what to do
and see another side of me
motherfuckers sick and tired of me
I don't give a shit, man
you're standing in quickstand
look, I'm a long-withstanding
kind of vato
Cam, you might think your man is hotter
but he not though
Dame, you might think your boy is iller
but he not though
Wayne, you might think the kid is flyer
but he not though
Shirt, what you gonna go at everybody?
stop, yo
there's a million motherfuckers out here
it's impossible
real gangstas never lol

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