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Friday, December 24, 2010

Tony Yayo - Tattoo Lyrics


Tony Yayo - Tattoo

I know some black .. stones in LA
Great street niggers crib nigger in a bay
GT…in Chicago
.. caught me slipping at …
Bitches love money
Smoking on that chees
Drinking on that honey
Grab bottom
… Luis hit the jazz
All this temptation got me trippin now the devil steps
14 .. 2 left
.. me and .. go together like …
… tear drops in your mother tissue

If you are a killer put a tattoo on your face
Your color body put a tear drop on your face
You’re a gangsta? Put a tattoo on your face
Real riders got tattoos any place


Move .. the serenade the street corner
He is sweet you better have a thing on you
… I hit you with the … from a cop named …
Adolescence .. from Taliban
Mt best friend died he tattooed his name on me
A reminisce every time I blow …
She extraordinary wear .. I’m in a space ship
Rolls wills cover up I’m about to double up
To triple up watch a pimp get his bitches up
Feel me
Two tear drop that’s the double ….


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