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Monday, December 27, 2010

T-SOUND ft. Zach & RANTSOM - Bittersweet Lyrics


T-SOUND ft. Zach & RANTSOM - Bittersweet

Ok girl
Ive been calling you day and night
Text you a thousand time and no reply
Just to ask you why
Its been a while
Wonder if your feeling alright
Gotta let you know
That i love you so
And that i will always be there
But even if we fuss and fight
We will always make thing right (alright!)
All they do is hating on us!
All i want is you by myside~
Your the one who i can trust!
You know that i would never lie~

I wanna be there for you
When ever u need me too
Gotta feel you touch
Girl i miss you so much
And love is bitter yes so sweet

I will be there for you
no matter how it takes
they just cant see that
you and i were meant to be

even though the world is against our love
even though they try to tear us apart
nothing would ever ever change my love for you

you know that i will be there
haters i dont even care
and even if we fuss and fight
we will always make things right

cause your ma cause your ma cause your ma bittersweet
cause your ma cause your ma cause your ma bittersweet

Check it
Can you see why
You and i were meant to be
Now that your not around
My life is up side down
Your my drug and im in need~~
Shine so bright like a LED
Next to me thats where you should~ be
Tell me i dint love you but yess i diddd~~
Your my beauty im your beast
This aint a fairytale but youll always be my princess
Love is all i need from ya
And put nothing above ya
Cause your ma cause your ma cause your ma bittersweet~


[RANTSOM verse]

She's bitter AND sweet, but sweeter than bitter.
And it's gotta be the reason I give her all my love
I'm a loser but I feel like a winner when I'm with her,
gettin' warm inner-feelings in winter.

Every time that our set of lips touch,
sweet like cinnamon and M&Ms, yup.
Givin' me a vision like we're swimmin' in a river of fudge,
and forever is just never enough

to be with you, I just wanna double infinity.
Though we facin' trouble and enemies,
nothin' will ever be, enough to make me
leave you, you and all of this love that'chu givin' me.

So inspite of all the hatin' and bitterness,
and we gon' have a lot up on our plates like a dinner guest.
Let 'em serve their worst,
won't hurt or desert, you worth it, girl you deserve it.

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