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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snoop Dogg - O Sockie Lyrics


Snoop Dogg - O Sockie


Come on Sockie
Let me get into your head
Oh Sockie
We can make it in the bed
Oh Sockie
Choose a player like me
Do it in the day time
With the DOGG
Oh on Sockie
Can I take you away
Oh on Sockie
Have you ever been to LA
Oh on Sockie
Come on play on my team
We’re gonna do it in the day time

Say Sockie
Take this Marry J cookie
And roll with the Dogg vampire
Just came hock me
You’re .. you need a .. pimp
Or a real Don Juan you might get wipe
Yellow cause ain’t fly
So hop in my jet
Try to read my mind
You might get wet
Choose big lose big
I know all the spots


Leave a stain on your brain
Can a dog get some love
Won’t treat you like ..
And make you drink blood
Suck this stack house …
Ain’t even a man
Made it turn into a bitch
He ain’t for real
He .. true blood
No .. I smell true …
Wanna be a vampire?
Got to listen up
I’ll hit you with the … wanna suck


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