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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sheek Louch - Jungle Music Lyrics


Sheek Louch - Jungle Music

Donnie, hey yo, come out with the fun, challenge on that
… 50 with me too all black, looking like barac o’donnie
But these women grind on me like my name’s Serany, it’s Serany
… over my eyes, like I’m in disguise, you be looking like I’m moving the piles
Yeah, … ten in the game I still remain the realest
All shooters with me, me and my gorillas what
I’m sick of that jungle brother
Hammers stay on me, word to the mother, … jump that
Grab another oh Jack … sound when it touch
Ac on high, flying on a hutch,
Automatic … with the clutch
Flat screen monitor, everything is touch
… to park leader, lunch with the milk
… smooth as silk
Now I’m all grown, swag off sick
Shades on bit I can see these women on my dick
…break it down right there
They used to sleep on me now I’m the worst nightmare
Donnie … chilling in all my splendor
Money only thing on the agenda like Chris …
You don’t stop, Donnie G, and I’m letting my … caught
I rock rock on and this real talk, …block and we represent New York
I rock rock on and this real talk, …block and we represent New York

Now somebody, somebody, anybody, anybody, everybody, everybody scream
Oh man, guerilla warfare man, volume one.

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