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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sharm – Light Em Up Lyrics (ft. Wes-G)


Sharm – Light Em Up (ft. Wes-G)

Light em up with your blazing arrow
Light em up with your searing shadow
Light em up with your burning blood boil

Light em up with your slice and dice
Light em up with ferocious bite
Light em up with fire blast

Come together as a lethal army,
Join our spells n we’re out to harm thee,
Never have you seen a team so deadly,
Lying on your back, flat, spitting out dirt tracks.
Oops, you didn’t look behind you,
30 seconds for a res and QQ,
Moving so fast you can’t see who’s who,
Blinking, teleporting and pouncing on you.
Oh, we ain’t never breaking,
20 shammy’s n they’re all ground quaking,
I can see you in your armour shaking,
Know that you’re failing, you’re just another plaything.
Huff and puff and blow your house down,
I feel Your terror hum through the ground.

Light Em Up, Sharm, you can do it best, hun
it makes me impressed, what a girl, what a quest
I’m all obsessed with a charming blast
contrast makes me go furious and fast
it’s taking over me, I can feel it near me
can flashes kill me, so just light em up and free me
I can feel this world before me
it’s leaving me lonely, only
if I will be standing strong, I wonder for how long it will be
you think it’s done, it’s only just begun
the only and the one : talk to me lovely Sharm !

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