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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sarah Phillips - Say It's Possible Lyrics


Sarah Phillips - Say It's Possible

I see the lights are turning
And I look outside
The stars are burning
In this changing time
It could have been anything
We want it in time
Salvation it is just a passing …

Don’t wait act now
It’s amazing it won’t last long
It’s only a chance to save the path we run
I know that there are more exotic things to talk about
And in time we will sort it out


I know they it is possible for me
I don’t see how it’s probable I see
The paths we run it’s been far from what I know
Tell me that you won’t let go (repeats)

And truth it’s such a funny thing
And all these people keep on telling me
They know what’s best and what to be frightened of
And all the rest are wrong they don’t know nothing about us
They don’t know nothing about us


I’m not alright (repeats)


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