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Friday, December 24, 2010

Saigon - Together (Dear Black America) Lyrics


Saigon - Together (Dear Black America)

Little white
He had a fight
The only thing
The mike is black
The kid was white
And even though the kid was …
They say … to right girls
He's on that …
Little shorty..
We're pumping pills
The .. was trying to get the ill
She tried to suck a … dick
She swallowed … still
But nobody knows her
Her name is
My nigger can't get …
He's getting …
He started getting crazy
The … was dumb
The haters came and blew my son
I hear them come
And now he is a goner
He's under the dirt
The little Ray
Was really gay
Was fucking niggers on the low
True what they say
He fucked this girl…
The other day
He gave her the monster


Me and you
And you and me
Together we can help the black community
Get rid of all the guns and crack
So we will be so happy together

I know a ..
From .. to one
Who started playing basketball
.. he came back home on Easter …
To see his mom somebody smoke them
Under the dirt
I know this lady Claire
From …
I heard it was getting worse and worse
Like ever year they took away her medical care
Like nobody loved her
It's crazy man
.. gangsta do
From … he was always mad as if he had fucking the …
He make a move
And now he is a lifer
They caught that …
And little..
To 44
We're talking like she liked to …
Rodeo she give it up to anybody wherever she go
Somebody's daughter
People say she a whore
But look


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