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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Riz - Your World Lyrics


Riz - Your World

Your world!
Your world!
Your world!
Your world!
Your world!
I know the…
Feels like the perfect storm,
You gotta let me…
So you gotta stay strong!
At night I toss and turn,
Just gotta let it burn,
Just wanna run away,
And escape…
Is what makes us different,
That binds us together.
…the texture, to the love that we share.

You’re like the sound
But I love to have you around!
We come from different places,
Look at different faces,
But you know girl,
I wanna be part of your world!

You don’t have to worry about
Haters trying to bring us down,
They wish they had what I’m tasting,
Uhuuu, you’re so tasty!
Oh, baby let me sing it out, is the way I feel inside,
I think that you are away from me, and I know…

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