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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reek Da Villain - Fall In Line Lyrics


Reek Da Villain - Fall In Line Ft. M.O.P.

I trick them out
Run through your hood
And …. pussy
All my niggers are…
Like they got .. this
I’m cut from a different ….
Your niggers is like …
Look how I do it ..
I’m so fucking …
No commotions
No …
No blade
I’m so fucking more trees
.. popping niggers
Let my chopper get it rocking
And give your boy a contusion
Come and test us .. I’ll give your homey a …
Spotlight …
In the hood I sell .. without the precaution
I know I got … traps like …
These are black boys that can’t be trusted


In or out
Fall in line
All you
Fall in line
Fuck around
You don’t wanna fuck around
Fall in line (repeats)

Read the bills
From Philly
Start the game
.. niggers thinking I’m .. out of game
Girl you are mad
That’s right
Now you all know what we’re talking about
.. in the hood they call me fame
.. in my name
…spot light


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