Friday, December 24, 2010


Pace Won and Mr. Green - My Song Lyrics

My Song by Pace Won and Mr. Green featuring Rival

This is my song… and now I’m taking away,
This is my song… and now I’m taking away.

..a shot for my brother, two for my daughter,
Three from my people overseas can’t ..,
I tried to get to Canada they stopped me at the border
Told me ..naughtier, I said what?, I’m a performer,
No longer .. no drugs in to the corner,
But I do …
And I live in a city and that’s ..the sort of
but I’m ..I have a good life to be no longer,
so I hackle .. won’t tell me performance
…so I do my song and I’m …
They share for us, they say so,
We got it dirty .. so I you gotta go,
So I came back home ..arrival
Made a couple ….like you,
So 33 years old, 23 years here ..,
That’s why …and hit like a ..,
I came out with the fugees, start it making Gucci,
Starting going out with the ..and sushi,
Run back to polo, run back to Gucci,
Work back to talking to these girls …
They come three, four, doubt just …
This is my song… and now I’m taking away,
This is my song… and now I’m taking away.

Man I grew apart in Jersey nine years after the ..
The first time we got passed to me …
After that I shift in the .., rolling up science
Perform my …in the stores
…rest of the piece …,
All the experiment with the drugs deep in the stone,
..I’m fly without ..control, the pimp is role
If you catch me in the streets …
Act up...and I demonstrate …
I’m the man that .. of the side show,
And I’m hotter than … Cairo
When I ..puts on the ..,
Lift up, cut back, .. me and my girl get marry would like Brangelina
And I make, my producers, jewish, just like John Stewart,
Run the streets from the .. to New York,
Hit the clubs ... in a new shirt, if it’s sunny ..,
Or you can get jump like Cuba.

Yeah, this is from my people locked down,
Just …to see’re not around,
Yeah, this is for my people in the street
Don’t know what they got it to kids got to eat,
Yeah, this is from my people underground
No more …sad time
This is dedicated to the people in the hood,
No matter what city you’re from, you’re good.