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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Olu - Fire Fight Lyrics


Olu - Fire Fight

Uhh, I love when haters talk about me,
Cause it just shows that they wouldn't be doin shit without me
Its olu do it bitchhhh, and I'm comin to your county
Yeah Im runnin through your city, cause this game is full of bountys....
That they puttin on my head, Throw that bullshit aside...
Your girl gave me head while I was textin a reply.....
To your question of whether or not I was goin out tonight.....
Well you can ask her after I bust in her eye....uhhhh
Asshole flow, I will shit on your life
No holds barred, put my dick up on your wife
I dont know my own limits or boundaries Im in the sky
You can't hold my bars, I'll burn ya, I'm spittin fire (bitch)
"Olu you should murder this", word to Bobby Albino
Godfather shit.....and I'm the Don Vito
Put a hit up on it, and then hit some of this preemo...
Yeah this Afghan kush got me throwed Dan Marino
Black, yellow and white women give digits I'm never callin
Im only smokin weed thats hairier than Polumalu
Shoutout Wiz Khalifa, The pittsburgh nigga I gotchu
But they aint got shit on Cleveland, So fuck a terrible towel
You got love for the game, but I just bust a nut up in her
Im ownin that bitch, I just had her make me dinner
Im bout to blow up, my fuse is gettin thinner
If you take some of this flow, then you'll be good for the winter
You see how I spark it-heat it up, Spryo fucking dragon flow
Switch it around a lil bit and speed it up, this shit is madness ho
Damnit why'm I beefin with rappers who got no talent yo?
This niggas a bitch, just a trick like a magic show
Now Real talk, let me cover some issues,
Im gettin sick and tired of these on-campus bitches
All Super-dramatic worryin bout who's popular and isn't
Shoulda left that shit in high school, you pussy ass nigga
He mad because I'm on a level that he could never get at
And I did it in my first few months in this city...
I hear you had a kid, congrats, but probly not the wisest move
That track we did together sounded like I fathered you (bitch)
Killed your shit, it only took me one verse
YOUR fans said that I'm the best they ever heard
You takin shots in your remix? Are you insane?
And errybody knows that song is overplayed
I sware if I hear that sample one more fuckin time....
I'mma motherfucking lose it, and I'm very hard to find
I am very on my grind, what the fuck are YOU doin?
I'm in the winner's circle, never see you there......loser
LOL, you like that kid we used to laugh at
Tell me why the fuck you're always rappin with a backpack?
Tell me why in all your songs you rap bout wearin snapbacks?
No one really gives a fuck, Where'd you learn to rap at?
Check yourself nigga, I hope you ready nigga
Hell is coming for ya, slow and steady....listen
Its gettin quiet aint it? Your fans started dippin
Along with your whole team and they walkin into my kitchen
I'm just servin up that beef bitch, believe I'm back on it
Murder on the scene, got my fingerprints on it....
I'm killin your whole career, I"ll make your life slow and painful
Welcome to the firefight, I'm bout to go volcano (bitchhh)

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