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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Milkyway - I Get Money Remix Lyrics


Milkyway - I Get Money Remix

No stuttering, no cluttering, co-herency is what I'll bring.
I may stutter just a little bit while I do my thing,
Flow is so robotic, hypnotic it's gonna cut your ears like "zing"
Try to shoot my confidence, the bullets will bounce right of like ping
Wait a minute, did that even make any mother-f-f-fucking sense?
Doesn't matter, I'ma just keep rhyming 'till your motherfucking conscience bends.
I'ma keep on grinding, tryna get on top 'till the world ends
And when it does, I'ma just sit back, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chillin' in my Benz
You will always see my widely grinning, 'cuz I know in my heart that I'll be winning, allways killing, when I get up on stage I never see a ceiling, 'cuz I know that when I step up in the buildin' everybody will be feelin' - me, I got you buzzin' like a bee, when I spit you attention is what I'm gonna keep, I'ma spit so raw, dislocate my jaw, I'm oh so cold, and you still want more, controversely bold, keep your ears so sore, the opposite of a motherfuckin' bore, you don't lyrical war, kill you like a boar, a huge ass pig layin' dead on the floor, evil heart, I'm so hardcore

White phone, white cap, just need a white strap
White shoes, white socks, just need a white glock
White belt, white shirt, run up on me, get hurt
I don't give a fuck man, your sight is gonna get blurred
you'll never catch me hangin' 'round, just doin' nothin'
If I'm standing on the corner I'm about to get to bustin'
Anybody tryna come up steppin' over my toes
I'm watching everybody, friends, family and foes.
I am always in possession of an abundance of red paint
Kill so many people I make the sidewalk look quaint.
People think that if they touch me they gon' be okay
But I'm a street artist, it's just a gun I spray
and not a fucking can, I can deal with your man
300-pounds or not, I can shorten his life-span
Don't fuck around with me, now I done told you
Crumble you up so bad that the coroners unfold you

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