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Maribelle Anes, J.Reyez & Traphik - I Wanna Be A Star Lyrics

Maribelle Anes, J.Reyez & Traphik - I Wanna Be A Star

(Chorus – Maribelle Anes)
I wanna be a star
I want everyone to know
I wanna have the money and the fame and the clothes
I gotta go far
I gotta have shows
All I wanna do is be successful

‘Cause I wanna be a star
I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be, I wanna be a star
I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be, I wanna be a star

(Verse 1 – J.Reyez)
Yeah and I’ma give it all I got now
I’m heading for the top now, embedded in the plot now
And I won’t stop now, the same expedition
But now I’m more determined for the name and position
Of the top and I rise, that’s my name’s definition
The game is a mission for the same recognition that I been gettin’
And I gotta jump to the next step
Room for improvement, ’cause I ain’t the best yet
I’m just a musician on the rise
My ambition for the prize, no limit to the sky
I’ma keep on trying ’til the day that I die
What I say in my rhymes, is love and it’s honesty
Haters you can hate but you suckas ain’t stoppin’ me
Say what you say but you suckas don’t bother meee
I just had to extend the line
We gonna rise and I’m talking about the friends of mine

(Verse 2 – Traphik)
Now you may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one
I can say when I was 3 is when the prophecy begun
My daddy saw me dancing around the family for fun
Started snapping with the camera, the spotlight on his son
I caught a bug for the stage and the fame
Applause from the audience, they saying my name
I’m on a mission and they saying it’s impossible
It’s really like I’m pissing ’cause my flow is so unstoppable
They’d say I’d never make it ’cause I’m just a silly Asian
To me it ain’t a dream, it’s more like a destination
Eyes on the prize at the end of the line
I know that I’ma get there, it’s a matter of time
Everytime I go out I want TMZ to follow me
Wanna hit the VIP where bottles poppin’ models be
I love my haters so I never let it bother me
‘Cause now I’m making money, mom and daddy look you gotta see

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