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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leo (of Nemesis) - Time, Gone Lyrics


Leo (of Nemesis) - Time, Gone

Time gone
A few minutes to spear
Before you go somewhere
That’s what you know
And I am not there
Don’t tell me when you’re leaving
Cause I won’t believe you
Don’t tell me I can see
Cause girl I can make it real


Cause I’m gone
Tell me where I got to go
Won’t you stay a little longer with me
.. I really got to go
Tell me why you got to go
Won’t you stay a little longer with me

It’s all almost impossible
For .. keep it going
All the way I’ll be lonely
I don’t know what you did to me
But I wasn’t supposed to fall
It started all like a …
Somehow you hold my heart


I know you said
You don’t have a choice
I am afraid you will forget about me
I’m trying to get you change your mind
Just wanna tell you how you change my life
Trying to make me a believer

I don’t even know what’s gonna happen now
That I won’t see you everyday
I wish we had more time to figure out
But time is gone


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