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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Killa Kyleon - Wheels Of Steel Lyrics


Killa Kyleon - Wheels Of Steel

Yeah, cut me shit up Steve O,
White cuffs falls see gorillas coming soon, my nigger
Natural born killer, nigger

Murder death deal, you can call the cops
This nigger's sick, no cure, can you call the doc?
I'm the itsy-bitsy spider about to crawl your back
On the press said … when I crawl a lie
Looking for that nigger dealer, you can call it up
I'm with that angel in the ...before they call me, they call the shots
I speak crack like a fucking fireball on rock
Long gone, I'm the nigger that they blog about
You ain't tell them about shit, I'ma call it out
Now fall six said you wanna call it hot
I talk shit spit a line niggers …
A couple mo for your bitch … are dy
Make it, take it like a …
Strap, catch me with a gun I'm on my ti shit
I've been a piece with this shit since I was …
I'm old school duck a zip in my …
Two cuffs, two chains, you can call me duffs
And I'm killing these niggers till they call it truth
You all wanna go to wall you better call your truth
...Yellowstone chains looking like a ball of fruit
Got enough fuck necks I ain't calling a hoop
Got a crawl for you wall, … coop
Trip a black whip crack a skull and spook
Climb niggers Skywalker, you can call me Luke
You can add these holes, I want out the loot
I ain't stopping till I stack it up ..
Hit the mall spin it out, put it out of use
Don't stop, I'ma talking like a ...shoe
But the stars over there might grade me one
Fucking shoot myself rap made me one
Suicide, suicide, fantasia duck
Og got a nigger looking blazing huh
Bad bitch, shotgun, she Malaysian huh
Got a black kiss spinning Caucasian one
The way I put this shit together so amazing huh
Dammas got a nigger looking like he made it, huh
But sad money, these holes ain't saving none
And you rap ass niggers are embracing none
You hit it long ass nigger, pussy rock a tone gas nigger macho’s where you belong ass niggers.

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