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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kidd Kidd - All On Me Lyrics


Kidd Kidd - All On Me (feat. Lil Wayne)

[Kidd Kidd]
It’s all on me, I do my dirt on my lonely
see most n-ggas fake and phoney
how my child gon eat
me and my dog riding on me
my momma kick me out
where I’m s’posed to sleep?
everything on me, since you want to put the blame on me
f-cking shame on me
let it rain on me, thats on me
you’re homo’s, you’re not my homie
first you was dickriding, now you riding on me
it’s an A and B thing, C a way out of scene
now all eyes on me
Weezy sat me like this how it’s gon be
we gon lock it down, slowly but surely
and you can count on me
see they waiting for the day that I sleep
see thats the day I’ma seep
don’t hold your nuts on me
being p-ssy is something I aint gon be
I’m ?
take it or leave it, or let me take and leave
it’s still all on you, like volume 2 BG
see me DT in a GT
downtown on some G nights in a fresh white tee
see I’m a gangsta, you a wanksta
I’ma ridah, you just riding with her
I aint a black belt, I pack kick, like kung fu
under the Gucc’ black belt
see I know what I’m bout
muthaf-ck what your bout
you know what I’m capable of, love, n-gga
run up in your house, gun up in your mouth like south n-gga
I’ma shooter, shooter
I ride with the rider gang
I got mine, don’t make me catch you at the stop sign
I used to chop dime, cock iron, pop nine, shots fired, cops flying
my branch, out done
can’t stop the shine, stop trying
you in the air, up there, better stop flying
can’t stop lying than better you stop lining
from the goons, gonna stop the allowance
my whole alliance, suck around the ring,
steering wheel align me
contract over ya head, yeah I signed it
and my little n-ggas ticking the assignments
see these b-tches never shut they mouth
these snitches never shut they mouth
my n-ggas and they not in jail and they need they bail
who’s gon get em out
aint no telling when they getting out
me I’ve been off the porch
let off the leash, who the f-ck gon let him out
start running, nut coming
mom I’m thugging, as long as you love me
I knew I was gon be something because we came from nothing
I’m still a from the block, now they look around waiting to see me
coming up the block cause I’m coming with enough bases to supply my whole block
think I drew breeze the way I’m giving Dome shots
yeah and I can’t stop and I wont stop
unless I wont stop, I want the paper
like I’m wanted by the cops
the generals salute me at the top and I aint recruiting new n-ggas
cause all you rappers lie
like Fifty said man, get rich or die trying
so you could get rich but it aint stop you from dying
cause n-ggas still a snitch so aint stop you from lying
my trigger finger itching aint no stopping me from firing
Like slim and mack in the barber, Slim got killed and Mack behind bars
guess you find out who they really are when you really need em
b-tch wanna give me mouth to mouth just to keep me breathing
now they wanna run they mouth when they see me
run up to me, or run they mouth over who’s seen me
say they was like janitors they wont see sh-t
I told em I was gon blow, you should’ve f-cked with me then

huh? damn…
shit real like that, yah know what i’m saying

[Lil Wayne]
F-ck, my guitar coming
okay now Diesel start drumming
and your toilet aint clena enough for my sh-t
no hide go seek bitch I’m it
yeah, and now’s the time
and now my money old like wise LeBron
but it’s Young money and nows the time
so check your watch like Nike wrist wear
this year, and every year
young mula in your muthaf-cking area
f-ck a future mama, you are Miss Tonight
and I’m Mr Right, don’t forget left
Young F, yeah that what they call me
I’m like p-ssy in the night, the evening and the morning
yeah I’m ready to drill her in the clutch
I go downtown like Reggie Miller
now stop and pop Reggie, I’m too fast
and I don’t f-ck with you turtles now Rock Steady
and be poppin’ I don’t even claim to born
I’ma d-boy, I d-block, I destroy any block
from a treetop, pop pop, pop pop
put you bitches in a box that make Laila Ali stop

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