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Friday, December 3, 2010

Joe Scudda - Kelly In My Camaro Lyrics


Joe Scudda - Kelly In My Camaro

Dark in the…caught Kelley in my Camaro,
Said…tell Preppy as a hello!
First day in class, new kid in the school,
I’m new around here, but every girl think I’m cool.
Plus Kelly don’t caught my eye.
I told her what’s up?
My Camaro Z28 is outside, let’s take that ride,
She said you’re trouble, I replied damn right!

Low pretty fucker, what a hell is wrong?
Swear to God I’m a clown if I see her down town
On that big ass cellphone.

Later that day I was chilling by the lockers,
Tried to get Violent to showed me her knockers,
She said I can’t, I’m a school’s girl,
Plus I’m a virgin.
Thanks for telling me, I ain’t trying to put the working,
Besides I’m still chasing after Kelly getting in my Camaro,
I’ll take her away from Preppy,

So I’m good …
Hit her with a wink and whisper…
And pumped into…, sexy without the balls.
He asked if I had any pills on me at all.
Said I head four, she said I need more,
Got a big taste and I…

If… find out he’ll try to get me a peace,
He’ll probably roll up with his stoned machines,

Life is so, and I…
Give your boy detention
For trying to get fresh with the school nurse.
I called worse…
Always I wanted to owe a chick, to come ride with me,
Plus I’m trying to make a cheerleader jealous
And it won’t be hard if she sees you on my car.

Kelly in my Camaro!
Kelly in my Camaro!
Kelly in my Camaro!

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