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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jayvine - Cry No More Lyrics


Jayvine - Cry No More

It’s been 23 years
I came a long way
Same shit just another day
I maintain it I’m trying to keep focus
But every now and then I tend to lose my focus
I need a moment to clear my head
Another son is paying respect to the dead
I’m living life, take me out of my misery
Get it cuffing ….
Let it burn slow
Let it all go
Now .. from the pain in my soul
I feel it in my bones and it’s eating out my flesh
I’m looking at my life, damn what a mess
I got a shovel to survive
Most make it out other commit suicide
Yeah but I refuse to get ..
I’m gonna push it to the limits…


I don’t really cry no more
I don’t wanna share no tears
That’s when I look up in the sky…
Wash my pain away

Yes, I believe there is a higher power
But even then I may not live to the next hour
I’ve been told … like a tower
.. just forget about the flowers
On a brighter day, will I ever see the sunshine?
Until then find me berried in my own …

Frustrated, I’m dealing with …
Take life at a higher elevation
Put my friends on hold
Cause they won’t be there when I need them the most
Give it together … I’m gonna take that bus
Born and … cost to cost
.. storm won’t sink my boat
And this is all you know
Despite all .. in life we all still need hope


I’m on my way to the top
I just might stumble
But I don’t got to be rich
I just have to be humble
But .. never knew what life is
.. still increases
.. trying to find the right pieces
Look below your waist you can tell where your feet is
… on visible grounds
Can’t see where you go cause your eyes are blind
You better wake up .. cause when you go you can still find your ….
… where the face is
.. you never know he just might have a crisis
What you see is what you don’t get
.. like the psychic


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