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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jamieson - Things I Learned Lyrics


Jamieson - Things I Learned

Take this .. the best way to start is ..
God trusted us he comes first

I don’t have to go to church
To fin reason and search
Religion cost more my death than faith
Truth hurts
Step out of line
If your God is better than mine
He’s .. to my heart
And I am doing just fine
If you .. God
Then I wish you best of luck
And may peace be with you
The next one is important
You should know first hand
You can’t choose your friends
But you can choose your fam
Yeah you’re calling me my highest respect
Cause .. hit the ..
It will be holding your hand
Taking a war .. shame
.. probably the same


This are some of the things I learn
If you listen you can avoid them burn
I’ve learnt from experience I’ve been to some tests
The kind of teacher surely the best

When it comes to love
Love yourself first
If you don’t take hit
Believe your head for the worst
You end up with a chick
Who doesn’t
Is she here for your money
Or for your dick
Come on miss the right show of
Believe in His existence
That bitch will leave you in an instant
For what I’ve seen now .. part of view
,, that I heard
Behind a dead beat is a bird
.. that’s my word
When it comes to your plans
Won’t through you around
I had the best friend in a hundred or a thou
Have a friend with me through ups and downs
He only calls when his girl is out of town
It’s kind of .. but you saw what you weep
All eyes above us you are the company you keep


I’m not a preacher
I’m not a priest
I’ve been to some shit dough
Nothing happens unless we dream of something
So a man without beliefs and his dreams is nothing
If you are looking for the sign to find that star
There is no further you’re final answer is in your heart
You don’t try things cause you are afraid of the …
We need to start living life
Things are not as hard as they appear
You are the star of the show
Don’t ever let them tell you no
Through experience … how we roll
Stay humble in this overcrowded jungle
If you don’t know one is there to catch you when you stumble
Hear my advice I had two
I’m not the arrogant is the pride of a fool
.. knees at school
I had to learn that the hard way… life
Word of wisdom
You tell what’s the word
Just a couple things I’ve learnt from my time on this Earth


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