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Sunday, December 19, 2010

J Killa - Where'd You Go Remix Lyrics


J Killa - Where'd You Go Remix ft. Holly Brook

[Verse 1]
You've been gone for like an hour or one day,
And I'm missing you already,
Come back on a Sunday,
We'll runaway,
When it's cold or on a summer day,
Whatever you want girl,
Whatever you say,
I'm with it,
I'll always be with ya,
So I don't have to miss ya,
And I'm sittin in my room reminiscing on these pictures,
This is my opinion,
But honestly, it'll be best you stay,
I can't breath without ya so I guess you take my breath away,
Like I have asthma,
Coming back is one thing ya have to,
And after, I say I miss you,
You act like nothin mattered,
But it does to me because I miss you,
I can't forget you,
And now I'm sittin here with these thoughts wondering...where'd you go?
[Verse 2]
I still remember the good times like it was yesterday,
But bad times came and I'm wishing for the better days,
I'm feeling all depressed,
Can't get my head and my fitted up,
Walking with my head down,
And it's sad that you don't hit me up,
Anymore, can't even have convos that last minutes,
My last wishes is to get you back,
Now it's mad different,
Imma light up a fire and throw my trash in it,
Delete all of our bad memories and throw my past in it,
I'm not the type of guy to have wishes,
But you're the type of girl I want,
I can't front,
And I'm passionate,
When I make songs about you,
I throw my heart in it,
I wish that you weren't apart from me

[Verse 3]
When I miss you,
I play our old videos and run it back,
Who am I kiddin?
I'm pretty certain she ain't comin back,
Giving up,
This chasin is gettin pointless,
I'm makin the worstest choices,
Can't you hear the pain in my hurten voice?
I'm tryna make the perfect choice,
So imma pack and leave this place,
Is there any way I can free these weights,
Off my shoulders,
So when you finally decide to come back and you're ringing the bell,
No ones gonna answer and you'll be singin

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