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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ghostface Killah - Troublemakers Lyrics


Ghostface Killah - Troublemakers Ft. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman

Yeah, we're in the cab and playing backgammon
Gorilla monster slamming, rock the tiles
Tries you a dice son, green medicine, blow veterans
Honey you beat the storm, six more below draws feather skin
Hand cuffed on, hollering seven two piece sixes know we hate a double where your lama dick can't stand others side
Niggers know we breach the color guys
New sucking mother true lullabies
Gangster ever ready, take off my shirt, no batteries nigger
Just one mean magnum killer
Snowmobiles jetting out the temper, feel chef altitude, yo I can't breathe check the splendor
But still you're honey dip I'm on my writing game nigger
Times is roughing, temberlaine coughing, won me a gia boleria
Hope we can pull it back, my thought my only weapon blow the beat up

Stuff pillow bags in the right holes
Reduce that fagot ass nigger born and jump like a frog to a trap hole
Gag it up … do the E.R. , gag it the truth with your dick,
You can't ...stay enough, hands are shaking, doctors is taking to operate
Now you might not live, so they start debating
You in bad shape, and the night in New York is slither and waits
Labels you a bad … smash... eight stab holes and the show to blame
You riding on this treacherous shit just try to hold your legs
Now don't hold your legs, tell that bitch ass nigger to chill … something like bow and ace
… sleep in the woods, caught hard down
...Where you rocks now? You ain't moving no crack, you should move in that …
After you lay up in the morgue, I'ma fuck your back
Yeah nigger, die slow with your smurk on
Night, night, night, getting down, get your murk on
Later is see you in hell, get your … on
Feel with the abominate fluid, get your short off

My short morning in the hood when I ride by
My eyes looking like I learn how to sky dive
The world is yours this wounds to a … with the fly k on, I lie
They said a nigger return but I never left
I told the L to me is the resurrect
I'm that nigger like pop and los
I took my elmin like a steel double x
Break steady where I breathe on a street set
The easy M and M's I need a relax
And bitches grab my mic give me a feedback
Reggie, you're an asshole, maybe I'll be back, yeah

I get cocky when the beat popping
You know you're doing it when you're tired of bluffing
I keep a freak and I call it chicken meat
Cause this is super bad nigger, she make loving
People get killed in my hallways, we parle, my feet are killing me all day
You … for lot like the killers in roadway
It's all worth it no play, while cause … nothing like Broadway
We been just sweeter that Salt Bay
He won't become believer wants to see this in your face
Just a part of my function
Ya don't want no part of the guns break
I would hit the bullet and won straight
That's where the … stand
We're trapped inside this … like damn
My mama tries to feed us with spiced ham
Connect try to cheat us with life grand
Coly fitness try to lighten this sentences snitching the white lane
Turns day seven it's fine we ain't yelling
Fellows ain't fellows no more they straight telling
Ain't nothing worst than a rat you can't smell it
And there's nothing worst than a trap you can't sell it, aha.

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