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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ghostface Killah - Ghetto Lyrics


Ghostface Killah - Ghetto (Apollo Kids) (feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna & U-God)

I was born and raised in the ghetto (repeats)
Listen to me …

Far killed project 18 pound
Put it down that’s the model
.. regular
.. I know it’s hidden in the grey labs
..visualise the shepherd and the green jets
…I’m in the OV .. the cash ..
I know it’s part of the …green bags
Visualize the shepherd and the green jets
Wait until I get on the haters is gonna hate it
And miss .. young Chris …

Brother listen to me
Listen to me
How do you make your pride in the ghetto? (repeats)

We make pride in the ghetto by selling that cracks
Niggers make pride by busting the gang
Might stick a nigger up … making a gap
So dirty bag game but we give them the stacks
Pride game better add .. to fame
Some sell .. to weed ain’t no joke
Might sell anything as long as we got …
So if we are getting that bread will you come for your dope
Raising with a brother might too for the pride
Violate the rolls until your family is …
Get bread in the ghetto while we’re … the feds
.. to the ghetto got .. to his heads

Brother listen to me
Listen to me
How do you make your pride in the ghetto? (repeats)

So we ask them stuff them in the black bags
Throw the off the window
Take care .. the rats in the ghetto
.. slap the medal
Fat guys get … like …
.. billed a .. when the gun …

How do you raise your kids in the ghetto? (repeats)
Feed one child and starve another

We like brothers
We came from the same …
Fuck the same horros
.. spread that name on the same wall
.. if that’s what it is
Then that’s what it is ..
Die just to live …
Show me the competition
Friends got lost …

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