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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Francis Noceda - Something good for us Lyrics


Francis Noceda - Something good for us

Looks like im the victim to this crime
i fell in love with the thief that stole this heart of mine
im debating with myself if i should break the bind,
cause i love your love yet its for another guy
im like
woah, woah, woah
is this a waste of time?
they tell me, no , yes, no
should i even try?

Well im not the kind to give up or quit
Just dont want to look clingy, just want you to notice it
that i need you and id do anthing,
its no obsession but your love is a necessity,
to me.


and i dont wanna go a day without it
cause it helps me get by and its my motive
to do, the things that i do and
because of you now im a better person
but i shouldnt love you cause the pain my worsen
cause im, afraid i cant have you

Oh girl oh girl this really sucks
my hearts a volcano that constanly erupts
and spews nothing but love, yet its not reaching you
just the skies about
so oh girl, oh girl i pray that i does
i wanna believe the future holds something
good for us x2

Looks like your kinna mad he dont know how to treat
so whats bettter girl a princess or a queen?
cause believe me girl ill treat you like one of the two
or put it together since they both equal you
im like woah woah woah
im so in love
but then again
i feel im not enough

Feels like im a loser to this fight
im losing hope faith confidence and the might
but, ill keep my head up high and hope we're meant to be
its no obsession but your love is a necessity
to me


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