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Thursday, December 16, 2010

FiO Baby - Everytime We Touch Lyrics


FiO Baby - Everytime We Touch

Well baby girl, lets take this back
I'll press rewind, you just relax
Im confused, the past seems black
take a seat, lets sort the facts

lemme see, how young were we?
oh thats right, we met at three
I was just a little fool
God you were so beautiful

and I remember way back when
you'd chase me round, I'd steal your pens
but thats okay, you stole my heart
knew we'd never grow a part

you wrote my name down everywhere
we were young, but truly cared
a find like you is oh so rare
even then, no one compared

lets take this back, to our first date
damn that night was fucking great
I remember what we ate
pizza at Joes pizza place

and I remember our first kiss
and how you laughed when i first missed
learned that night that love exists
god we both were so nervous

but thats ok, look at us now
all grown up, Im like wow!
still in love, I wonder how
practically writing our vows

baby I feel so alive
when our bodies do collide
girl I love you very much
cause every time we ta ta touch!

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last
Need you by my side


Every time we touch, I fly
your body is like a high
turned on by your ass and thighs
but still, I love the girl inside

eyes got me mesmerized
hips got me hypnotized
hearts got me so in line
and I thank god that your all mine

cause every time we back at home
they all put you on a thrown
cause they know just who you with
FiO Baby and his click!

and every time you visit me
I just love to show you off
probably cause your so New York
and all these girls are way too soft

they let me slide, you call me out
set me straight, you curse and shout
when I act hard you call my bluff
reminding me I aint that tough

and that is why I love you most
always try and keep me close
hear my thoughts, and help me cope
so I thank you, for having hope

when I get paid, I'll buy a boat
we can travel coast to coast
do up Cancun, we'll drink and smoke
and live it up until were broke

necklaces and diamond rings
shopping sprees, and girly things
I'll frost you up with lots of bling
now everybody go and sing


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