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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emmanuel Jal - We Want Peace Lyrics ft Alicia Keys


Emmanuel Jal - We Want Peace ft Alicia Keys

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
I’m looking for some people who’s looking for peace
Maybe together we could make the war cease
Now we can send mankind to the moon
And we can reach to the bottom of the sea
That’s why it really kind of baffles me
That we cannot end wars and bring peace
And we cannot change the way people act
And we cannot change the way people think
So if we sit back, chill out and relax
Civilization will soon be extinct
That’s why I am

>I am calling on
I’m calling on the whole wide world
>On the whole wide world
Come on people would you help me
>Help me scream and shout
Let’s scream and shout coz we want peace
>That we want peace
To say the least

I dedicate this song to the common people
Caught in the middle of this common evil
I wish the world was a little bit fairer
Time we start looking at the man in the mirror
Fear is the devil's policeman
Fear made good Germans side with Hitler so he can
Build the war of genocide and havoc was wreaking
Silence of the lamb 'cause nobody was speaking
That’s why I am


Somebody said, "After Rwanda
>Never again,"
And after Rwanda
>It’s happening
Not far from Rwanda
>Just next door
Who’s gonna shout for the poor people living in Darfur?
The world’s gone deaf
The world’s gone blind
The world’s busy sitting down on their behind
Nobody cares about the poor and needy
Too busy sucking up to the rich and greedy
For every hero there is villain
I ain’t kidding
We gonna shout out standing up or sitting
One more time?
We got no more time!
We got to figure out the way we could all combine
Like Jericho the walls came tumbling down
The sound of voices had the city surround
You know what is worth
Time to put our voices to work
We got to shake down heaven and earth
That’s why I am


Come on everybody, come on
Stand up, stand up, stand up
You want peace and I want peace
Stand up, stand up
You want peace and I want peace
Stand up, stand up
You want peace and I want peace
Stand up... [continued]

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2 on: "Emmanuel Jal - We Want Peace Lyrics ft Alicia Keys"
  1. Emmanuel Jal is one of my good friends and he is such an amazing person. All his song lyrics are about the hardships of a child soldier he has been through. Please help to support him with his projects and if you are interested you can read his story here:

  2. this is one person that inspires me so much and i pray so hard that he achieves his dreams and thanks alot for putting your country up there despite the conflicts.....its really amazing...big ups