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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ellie Goulding - Believe Me Lyrics


Ellie Goulding - Believe Me

(Verse 1)
I can hear the voice
I need a helping hand
Just to beat the void
I need a mission
A dream to stop me
talking to myself
And now the silence is broken
And my soul is to sell
I need to pick up the peices
To scatter to the wind
Hold the city to your ears
You can hear the wind come in

You cant change the world
with a song
and you can't make it right
when it's wrong

I can't stop this music
traveling round' with me
Wherever I go
It's playing for you
I can't stop this voice
unravelling round' me
Whatever I do
It's talking to you
The world dances
to the rhythm of its own
heart beating for you
However you lose
So speak to me
believe believe believe me

(Verse 2)
Don't let it slip
Through your fingertips
When there's a ghost
Don't try to reason with it
'cause now I'm tired
I'm wired
so I won't miss a thing
I rope my words out to dry
and I've forgotten what to sing


If thats what it was to you
then thats what it was to me (x2)


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