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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Danielle Car - Walk Of Shame Lyrics


Danielle Car - Walk Of Shame

My, my, my ain’t that miniskirt a little too tight?

She’s a ready little Betty hot and sweaty from shakin’ it right.

Pink satin with a bow in the back,

and an ego just as ig as her rack.

She’s a sassy little lassie, got a chassis made for lovin’ tonight.

So he’ll try, try, try as he tumbles through the crowd to make his way to the floor

A Jager-bomb, one in each arm, will turn her on to what is in store.

They go back to his apartment and then,they fall in love again and again.

But the break of day is on its way. Today she’ll make her way to the door.


Jack and Johnny are to blame for your morning Walk of Shame.

In a hurry?

Don’t you worry,

It’s just how you play the game, oh baby,

Now do the Walk of Shame.

She’ll try, try, try to forget it, to let go and slip out of her mind like the wind.

She’s feeling bad but won’t be sad ‘cause all she had was one little sin.

Mascara runnin’ all down her face. Her panties missing without a trace,

But a sense of satisfaction from the action, let the traction begin.


A lover, a lover, a lover undercover,

Sun is up, get your stuff, girl I think you’ve had enough.

Been fun, gotta run, feelin’ dirty ‘cause we’re done.

Ain’t no shame, ain’t no shame, ‘cause you know just who’s to blame.

A kiss goodbye and a “how was I, Baby?” was all she really wanted anyway-

a little piece of good grief, a sweet relief from her everyday.

Now finally she’s hittin’ the road as she deletes his name from her phone.

It’s early so, she’s gotta go, a cup o’ Joe is callin’ her name.

Jack and Johnny, Jack and Johnny, ooh ooh ooh…

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