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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big K.R.I.T - Moon & Stars Lyrics


Big K.R.I.T - Moon & Stars Feat. Curren$y and Killa Kyleon


So I … crawl
Do it better than them all
Let the road be my guide
As I ride in candy cars
Underneath the moon and the stars

My digital dash
Is a mash on the cash
Don’t know where I’m going far
But I’m going there
Stop at the club
.. show some whores in there
Shaking their ass
Looking for players that don’t ..
I’m out of the ..
If you are looking for savers
Not a hero
More like a guy
I can take you where you want
Would you look in my eye
Like you’re supposed to
… taking about a piping
You already have been exposed
Far from being sober
Let’s travel into space
While popping on a …
Doing like the grownups do
..cause they front
But they don’t do
What I do
Cause they will never be …


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